Sunday, November 22, 2009


There are still three seats left in A-List Screenwriting's weeklong class A-List: The Immersion (formerly Killer Screenwriting). Feature Quarterfinalists in the Champion Competition can take the class for $200 and we will use their scripts as part of the clas. All other entrants may sit in on the class for $200 (their scenes will be workshopped) and can choose to have their scripts integrated into the class for an additional fee.

The class is Monday-Friday, 9-5, December 7-11 in Los Angeles. As Erik Bauer, founder of Creative Screenwriting, says, "Jim doesn't like to teach the first hundred pages of the "screenwriting book"; he likes to teach the last hundred." This is a great chance to improve your craft in an intensive week of interactive education.

Every attendee will have scene(s) read aloud and workshopped. Last year, Kurtwood Smith (from that 70s Show and Robocop) read scenes for the class. Jim has an invitation out to him again this year.

Hook - Exploiting Concept - Dilemma - Character Orchestration - Theme - Killer Endings - Scene Writing - Shurtleff's Guideposts - Essence of Climax - Sequences - Blockbuster Myths - as well as many other craft and career topics

"I had the privilege of attending Jim's (A-List: The Immersion) in LA in 2008. This was not just a class. It was a reconditioning of my creative mind. It was, for me, as well as the others who attended, a life changing experience. "
-Jill Wallace

To take advantage of this offer, email Jim today.

If seates are available after Wednesday, Nonentrants may take the class for $300.



Just Mention the Discount Code: CHAMP

Announcing: Just Effing DO IT!, a new Tele-class Series by The Script Department's own Julie Gray!

Plan for 2010 and get what you want out of your career in order to achieve and meet all your goals next year! It's a five part series coming live over tele-conference in November and December 2009.

Julie Gray (founder of The Script Department & the Rouge Wave, and author of the upcoming book "Just effing Entertain Me") will be speaking about how to plan for 2010 and what to expect in the industry with working writers, producers and industry experts in the world of Film, TV, New Media and Reality TV.

Classes begin at 6pm PSTS and are approximately one hour with a live Q & A Session. Prices are $25 per class.

Click here and we'll send you the info on payments and next steps. Champion Screenwriting newsletter recipients receive a 10% discount. Discount code: CHAMP

The Remaining clases:

Dec 1st - "TV & Film Script Contests: What it takes to win and get noticed in 2010" - Kevin Miller and Margaux Froley talk about what they've learned through their recent Wins in the world of Contests and Fellowships...Class code: D001

Dec 3rd - "Webisodes: Write it - then SHOOT IT" - Testing your ideas for TV or Film by shooting them as a series for the web. Get noticed and get repped... The world of Webisodes by Mike Perri - Class Code: D003

Dec 8 - "The Story within Reality TV" - Seasoned Reality Producer and Writer, Rebecca Winston, talks about her life "writing" for reality TV and the importance of STORY! Class Code: D008

Dec 10 - "How to plan and meet your goals for 2010" - Life Coach (Life in Production's) Libby Barnes talks about how she helps writers, producers, actors and directors focus to meet their goals every year and how you can too... Class Code: D0010

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