Friday, December 11, 2009

A-List Immersion Lovefest

On Wednesday at the class midpoint, I made the Champion Entrants give me a midweek tweet-like update on the class.  Here are some of the responses.

I'm here taking your class-I've learned a lot of interesting things that can be applied toward my current script. My favorite part of the class is your application of location. How to incorporate it into the scene.

- Rubi

Lots of great info. I love the "fix the ending by fixing page twenty." Will you marry me?

- Mark

Jim takes both basic and complex abstract processes and pulls them out through excellent, diverse scene examples. He demonstrates a true understanding of The Story and the result is archetypal advice that's universally applicable.
- Matt

They all joined me for diner with some of the top 20 writers - Tony, John, Sharon  and the shorts winner Susanna.  I gave out half of the prizes and I will post the winners SOON.

The 3-day intensive starts tomorrow in Hollywood.

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