Sunday, May 30, 2010


The first two Champion Labs (with Jim Mercurio) are for the top 20 Champion feature writers.  On Friday night, December 3, we will have some sort of informal dinner, gathering or party where I will announce the winners and give out $12,000 or so in cash.  So plan to stay late or come early.  Writers who take the three-day version will watch of Killer Endings and T-Word Theme and read a few short assignments before the first class.

The Immersion class is free for the first four script consulting clients of who sign up for Coaching or Mentoring between now and then.  If current clients decline to take the class, it may be open to more writers.

The Scene Workshop is a stand-alone class that is open to all actors, writers and directors.  There will be four professional actors there and we will read two-three scenes (or more) from every participant.  The main focus will be on the writing but there will be some tangential topics on directing, acting and thinking like an actor and director.

Quarterfinalists in the Champion Competition will be offered a chance to purchase available seats in the Champion Lab and in the Immersion.  Top 20 Feature Writers will also be allowed to attend the Immersion class if their schedule doesn't permit them to attend the Champion Labs. And, as a last resort, Immersion writers may attend the Champion Lab if there is room and their schedule requires it.

Champion Lab - Four-Day
November 30 - December 3 (Tuesday - Friday)

Champion Lab - Three-Day 
December 4-6 (Saturday - Monday)

A-List Immersion - Three-Day
December 8-10 (Wednesday - Friday)

Scene Workshop with Professional Actors - Two-Day - Open to the Public
No theory - Just working on scenes
December 9-10 (Saturday - Sunday)
$199 for both days.  $129 for one day.
20% discount for professional actors who will read for at least an entire day.

Here are some testimonials for the classes.

Exploiting Concept
Character Orchestration
Character Arc
Killer Endings
Scene Writing
Shurtleff's Guideposts
Action Description
Prose Style
Essence of Climax
12 Steps to a Better Scene
Changing Spec Market

I haven't even begun to market them or placed them on sale.  If you want to hold a spot in the Scene Workshop, email me.  Otherwise, sign up for A-List Screenwriting's Craft & Career and check the box for Contest or Class updates.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Killer Endings Offer and Resubmissions

If you entered the coverage category and did not get the email sent out today, then you can access it here.  It has the instructions on how to get your free Killer Endings DVD.  This is only for people who entered in the coverage category.

Also, you can resubmit any time before August 6 and not have to pay the crazy WAB-Exclusive-Extension Fees.  The last two weeks -- till the 20th -- are the WAB-Exclusive period where their fees are rough.  Remember to rename your project (add the word "resubmission") because the system doesn't allow the same exact title to be entered more than once.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today is the last chance to sign up for the coverage service, which also gets you a free copy of my DVD Killer Endings.

The coverage service allows you to find out your status in the contest and allows you to resubmit later.  Also, if you enter today in any category, you save at least $5. 

If you are having technical problems, email us before midnight and we will make sure that WAB support allows you to enter early this week as if today.  We are not going to penalize you for technology nightmares.

Remember, there will be at least 20 seats given away to my weeklong Champion Lab, $10,000 to the Grand Prize Winner and $500 to best short short that is under three pages.