Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Champion Competition Updates

Thanks to everyone who entered.  We received more than 1000 scripts this year and are busy reading.

Our tentative schedule is to have Quarterfinalists listed by the third week of September.  And then we should be able to have the top 20 Feature Writers by November 1, so that they may have a month's notice to make any of the December Champion Labs.

I will announce the winner of the free Champion Lab seat soon -- probably in the next newsletter which should come out soon.

The $14,000 in cash prizes will be handed out at our informal awards dinner on Friday night, December 3rd when hopefully everyone from the two Champion Labs (the one that ends Friday and the one that begins Saturday) will be there.

I will be offering the extra Champion Lab seats to Quarterfinalists at a reduced rate and will even open another section is there are enoug writers who want to attend.

Also, some of you have expressed interest in getting more detailed notes from the reader who gave you coverage.  We will officially offer that as a follow-up service next year but, for now, if interested, email us and we can arrange it.

Thanks again for entering.

Jim Mercurio


  1. We're all keeping our finger crossed and holding our breath ... only another week or so to go. Thanks Jim for posting this.

  2. I received an email today that stated the quarter finalists will be announced in the next few days.

  3. I will post it here and I use Constant Contact to announce it by email, so make sure you are signed up for updates or the newsletter. Sign up at
    Jim Mercurio