Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinalists

The 2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition wants to thank all of its entrants.  We received more than 1100 shorts and features and are proud to announce our Quarterfinalists, who represent approximately the top 20% of submissions as determined by our first-round readers.

Congratulations to the writers who advanced.  We will announce the top 20 features near the end of the month, so the writers may have time to plan their trip to a Champion Lab in December.

All Quarterfinalists will be given a chance to purchase the remaining seats in the December classes for less than half of the regular price.  There are a few seats left in the current classes and we will add an additional session if necessary.  For more information on how to sign up, check back here in a day or two or see the next newsletter. To reserve a seat now, email me (Jim).

The Grand Prize winner receives $10,000 cash plus development notes, a professionally recorded audio version of their entire script from iScript, a John Truby Genre DVD, and a gift certificate to the Writer’s Store.

Top 20 feature writers will each receive $1000 in prizes including a seat in one of the Champion Labs, 10 pitches from, a 15-minute recorded audio version of an excerpt of their screenplay from iScript, two career coaching sessions with Rhona Berens‚ Ph.D., and a year-long membership to

Visit here or sign up for our free monthly newsletter to find out who advances.

Here are our Quarterfinalists who are vying for more than $40,000 in cash and prizes.


A Girl and Her Dog by Dawn Ireland
A Rose For the Dead by L.J. Wright
Alibi by Jamie Buhr
Al's Last Con by Steve Hochman
Altar Boys by Samuel Contreras
Amsterdam XXX by Joseph Wiggins
Anatomy of a Town by Patricia Fox
Art of the Duel by Leonard Chan
Ask Me by Jonathan Eig
At Close Quarters by Curtis Nelson
Avenging Peace by Tom Stein
Bad Penguin by Phil Clarke Jr.
Baghdad Rules by Brent Spencer
Ballpark Frank by Mark Cohen
Bank Robbing for Dummies by Robert Watson
Be Good To Do Evil by Julia Kubik
Black Betty by John Alberts
Blood Red Dawn by Michael Thornton Jr.
Bramble Hill by Dominick Bagnato
Butterfly by Jill Wallace
Caller 7 by Daniel Stawanski
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Cargo by Mark Schoelkopf
Catch Us The Foxes by Tina Juarez
Catfish Creek by Deana Costner
Chances by Jeff Trently
Civil War by Geoff Eisner
Closure by Darren Swanson
Cold Barrel Zero by Ronald Ecker
Controlled by Craig Cambria
Cooties by Clint Clark
Crawfish and Specks by Robert M. Herzog
Cult Flick by Brian Hauser
Culture Shock by Jodi Levitan
Cutter's Woods by Donald O'Donovan
Damascus Road by Patrick Homes
Dangerous Cargo by WJM Fordsyce
Dark Legacy by Brian Campbell
Day Job by Ed Domingues
Dead Crows by Chris Todd
Dead Last by Kevin Lee Miller
Dead Man's Party by Michael Raymond
Dead Play by Terry Raun
Deadfest by Michelle Muldoon
Deadly Legacy by Russell Blyth
Death at Sea by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Death in Venice Beach by Nicholas Horwood
Defenders of the Faith by Brandon Marlon
Diamond Dead by Andrew Gaty
Dirty Crooked City by Luke Spears
Dreamland Confidential by Sean Agard
Edgewater by Max Freeman
Elephant Hearts by Josh Good
Eyes of the Enemy by Steve Hochman
False Sense by Craig Cambria
Fifty Years in May by Silvio Nacucchi
Fishing with Dynamite by Randy Sumeraj
Fool Moon by Gail Jenner
Frankie and The World's Fair Pear by Debbie Klaar
Freezer Born: The Adventures of Carl the Ice Cream Sandwich by Erin McLaughlin
From Point A to Point B by Elise Stempky
Fruit of the Tree by Fran Kaplan
Gallo by Richard Gold
Garbo Returns! by Kristof Bathory
Genius by Jim Kenney
Glow Stick by Michael Raymond
Golden Gloves by Drew Miyaki
Golden Years by Byron Wolter
Grey by Tony LaScala
Ground Work by Patrick C. Taylor
Growing Ivy by Karen Powell-Riggs
Halfway Down the Stairs by Jesse P. Howard
Handicapped Spaces by Clinton Braly
Hitchcock Blonde by Jeff York
Hoax by Scott Park and Matt Allen
Horror Comic by Stephen Hoover
How Not to Get Married by Donna Miller
Hurricane Grove by Jeffrey Thelen
I love you to Debt by Philip Strauss
Ice Deep by William Milano
In Search of Betty Blue by Mass Panor
In the Ground by Jeffrey Greenberg
In the Wake by Matt Mowrer
Interloper by June Escalanate
Jason's Quest by Chris Early
Jubilee by Dusty Rhodes
Kheng Kheng Crocodile by Donna Lisa
Kiki on the Beach by Christine Hinz
Killer Expose by JaLynn Hardy
Kindness: Left by the Side of the Road by Sonia Pathak
King of Atlantic Avenue by Drew Greco
Kissin’ Kuzins by Deana Costner
Kissing Your Sister by Dan Loschack
La Gargouille by Samuel Clark
Latent Image by David Hartzhelm
Leap of Faith by Alicia Lomas-Gross
Legacy by Jodi Levitan
Leonard by Margaret Riseley
Life Between Cigarettes by Joseph Cirrincione
Little Eden by Timothy Jay Smith
Living The Dream by Daniel Cohen
Lizzie Fox by Mike Murphy
Lulu by Samuel Bernstein
Macau Twilight by Tony Shyu
Mask of the Innocent by Teresa Bruce
Masked Men by David Evans
Master's Key by Kelly Anelons
Miss Christmas by Irin Evers
Mister Smith by Sonia Pathak
MoBay Blues by Leonard Chang
Monster Job Hunter by Yehudi Mercado
Mother's Day by Kevin Lee Miller
My Turn by M. David Shapiro
Natural Selection by Kathryn Kyker
Nature of the Beast by Eric Sentell
Newsflash by Trevor Maxim
Night Falls by Adam Aresty
Nightmare Valley by Jason Briker
No Man is an Island by Brandon Vedder
Nobody in My Family Has Sex by Carol Farrand
Nuclear One by Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Olohana by Daniel Fan
On Becoming Grim by Clark Ransom
On Common Ground by Kara Sachs
On Small Stages by Andrew Cangelose
Out of Range by Elizabeth Medes
Pandora, Princess of Cats by Dennis Hiatt
Patriots' Day by David Boe
Plausible Alternative by Peter Rozee
Post Apocalyptica: The Musical by Daniel Santerre
Punch It Out by Stephen Leach
Purple Haze by Jeff Fry
Purple Rayne by Alina Stephanie
Quest! by Emily Paul
Reconstructing Kate by Rachel McNevin
Red Forest by Aaron Marshall
Reverend Piper by Dan Borengasster
Rosale Ecce Mens by Tanya Klein
Scattered Thorns by Gary Talarino
Searching for Sanctuary by Rozalyn Mattocks
Sentient by Peter Arneson
Shadowplays by John Alberts
Sibusio by Steven Mare
Skin by Gary Riester
Skirt by Chris Mason Johnson
Skylark by Nicholas Pyle
Soccer Crazy by Mark Speed
Soulmating by John Galbraith
Spotnik by Celeste Chan Wolfe
St. Patrick's Tear by Neil Chase
Stealing Canada by Tyler Smith
Sure Would Be Nice by Thomas Serio
Tabby by George Hernandez
Tabula Rasa by J. Scott Sperber
Tainted Harvest by Nancy Smith
Take My Advice by Alicia Lomas-Gross
Team Players by Raef Eric Laswon
The Agora by Billy Duberstein
The Bend in the Bridge by Julia Kubik
The Butcher and the Butterfly by Jim Antonini
The Charm of Youth by Timothy Miller
The Chemist by John Moskowitz
The Chilling Effect by Scott Featherstone
The Cloudburst by Raj Naiksatam
The Dead on Arrivals by Miyako Akina Fuqua
The Enemy in the Castle by Letty Hummel
The Fibonacci Spiral by Nicole Avenia
The Good Life by Robert Winogron
The Hitler Family Reunion by Andrew Rothschild
The Klondike Story by Steve Warren
The Land of MILF and Honey by Stephanie Ogozaly
The Last Praetorian by William Milano
The Last Three Days of Paradise by Casey McClatchey
The Lion in the Backyard by Susan Murphy
The Longest Way 'Round by Elizabeth Medes
The Lupii by Caroline Farrell
The McTavish by Cheryl Miller
The Other Oregon by Steve Anderson
The Plush Life by Bill Scollon
The Queen is in the Parlour by Laurence Holzman
The Quest by Genevieve Ermanna
The Shroud by Joseph Paul Ferina & Joseph Patton Mashburn Jr.
The Sky Below by David Thome
The Switch by Irin Evers
The Tetris Complex by Kevin Gilbert
The Truth by Gary Talarino
The Turnaround Guy by Bruce Kuglin
The Umpire Has No Balls by Debbie Bolsky
The Undertaker's Son by Chris Dancy
The Viking Factor by Erik Wolter
The Winter Wars by Anton H. Gill
The Witches Hammer by John Alberts
Torched by Jon Rosen
Tripytch by Wayne Keeley
Tyrant by Alistair Kaley
Unfinished Business by Richard Borinstein
Washington's One Night Stand by Daniel Bardwil
What Goes Around by Adam Butt
What Would Meg Ryan Do? by Mary Krell-Oishi
Which Witch is Which by KFM Marshall
World War G by Morgan Bramlet
Zombies and Other Middle School Issues by Ted Strikland


A Quickie at Work by James Nelson
A Simple Plea by Dean Watts
An Ice Cream for Billy by John Connell
Anna by Dennis Jones
Archives by Nathalie Sejean
Auntie by Mike Goforth
Aurora by Kristi L. Simkins
Awkward by Matthew Stevens
Breeding Slave by Lisa Scott
Broken Bulbs by Miyako Akina Fuqua
Cab Fare by Brenna Kelly
Cakewalk by Brian Baker
Child X by M. Miller Davis
Dead In The Room by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Dharma by Stuart Land
Douchebag by Luke Spears
Exit Interview by Edgar Martinez Schulz
Father Bernstein: A Fish out of Holy Water by Richard Roth
Heaven Is Hell by Scott & Paula Merrow
How We Do by Brianna Bennett
I Can See My House From Here by Vinay Patel
It's All In The Spin by Michael Duke
Jack's Dress by Jeff Wergin
Killer App by Chuck Anderson
Love In Binary Code by Eric Dietel
Much Ado About Something by Thea Camilla Eriksen
Simple Nude by Steven Maré
Skywhale by Carl Huebner
Spinning With The Devil by Caroline Farrell
Spiritual Connection by Scott & Paula Merrow
Starfish by William Byrne and Megan Hardy
Survivor X by Darren Montgomery
The Checker Game by Steve Warren
The Cowboy by M. Miller Davis
The Cube by Scott & Paula Merrow
The Device And The Operator by Cassandra Holroyd
The Final Guardian by Scott & Paula Merrow
The Hit by John Cruz
The Incumbent by Alexis Perkins
The Job by Steven Davis
X-Mas in Double-Wide by Robert Peters
Zed High by Charles Cho


  1. Do the Shorts results include the Short Shorts?

  2. Yes. The best Short Short is just a prize in the Shorts Category. So all of the shorts that are still in the running are listed here.


  3. We don't offer feedback on every script. You can select the coverage category or look at one of the posts that followed this one and use our coverage service to get feedback from one of our readers.


  4. Any word on when we'll hear about the semifinalists?

    (Apologies in advance-- I know you have a ton of scripts to sort through, but I'm just excited!!!)