Thursday, October 7, 2010


Exclusively for Champion Entrants

Champion Screenwriting now offers its entrants a chance to use its readers for five to six pages of development notes.  Several entrants were so happy with our coverage category that they asked if we would make our readers available for additional feedback.  So we did.  Now you can get detailed notes on your script from one of our awesome readers.

If you entered the Coverage Category, you can receive additional notes from your original reader for a discounted price of $250.

Entrants who did not use the coverage service or who did and would like feedback from a different reader pay $300.

Simply send a PDF of your screenplay and Paypal payment to  Fill in the blanks with "nscr"... Trying to avoid spam.

The readers are not involved in the final judging process of the competition and remain anonymous.
I (Jim Mercurio) do not read the scripts as part of this service.
I do offer in-depth and recurring feedback as a story analyst myself but the Champion Coverage Service is a great value and can help many more writers than I can personally serve. 


  1. Would it be possible for me to get my script's overall ranking in the contest?

  2. We don't collect that data. Readers advance about 20% of the script and then we narrow that down to 20 and then the winners. Feel free to use the Champion service or mine to get feedback on your script.