Friday, November 12, 2010


Without further ado, from nearly 1000 features, here are the top top 20 features in the 2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition.


Anatomy of a Town by Patricia Fox
Bank Robbing for Dummies by Robert Watson
Civil War by Geoffrey Elsner and Carson Griffis
Closure by Darren Swanson
Controlled by Craig Cambria
Damascus Road by Patrick Homes
Dead Last by Kevin Lee Miller
Death in Venice Beach by Nicholas Horwood
Genius by Jim Kenney
Horror Comic by Stephen Hoover
Little Eden by Timothy Jay Smith
Monster Job Hunter by Yehudi Mercado
Nuclear One by Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Out of Range by Elizabeth Medes
Purple Haze by Jeff Fry
Spotnik by Celeste Chan Wolfe
Stealing Canada by Tyler Smith
Take My Advice by Alicia Lomas-Gross
The Queen is in the Parlour by Marc Goldsmith & Laurence Holzman
Zombies and Other Middle School Issues by Ted Strickland

All of these writers receive a spot in one of the week-long Champion Labs, a year-long membership to, 10 pitches from, a 15-minute recorded audio version of a screenplay excerpt from iScript, two career coaching sessions with Rhona Berens, Ph.D and a few other exclusive offers which I will announce soon.

Details about the class and other offers will go out soon and a mass email to everyone who entered will go out tomorrow via Constant Contact.  Sign up for updates at if you are not sure if you are on the list.

Shorts winners will be announced tomorrow!

The winners of the feature category will be announced in Los Angeles on Dec 3 at our informal awards dinner...Hollywood, Thai food, $10,000...someone's going to be Kung-Pao'd.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the writers who advanced.

Jim Mercurio

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