Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Ten Shorts for 2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition

We received more than 200 shorts and we are excited to announce the top ten scripts.  We will announce the winners of the Best Drama, Best Comedy and Best Short Short in less than 48 hours.  Each of the winners receive $500 and some assorted other goodies.  We will send out a mass email when we announce the top 20 features, which should happen within the next 36 hours.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to these writers.  Every one of these scripts is awesome.


A Simple Plea by Dean Watts

Aurora by Kristi L. Simkins

Broken Bulbs by Miyako Akina Fuqua

Cakewalk by Brian Baker

Dead in the Room by Marjory Kaptanoglu

Douchebag by Luke Spears

Skywhale by Carl Huebner

The Checker Game by Steve Warren

The Device and the Operator by Cassandra Holroyd

The Job by Steven Davis


  1. Does this list include the "3 pages or less" short screenplays?

  2. I believe it does. I am aware of at least one of the above scripts which is a "short short" entry.