Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 2011 Updates for the Champion Screnwriting Competition


Enter by May 27 and...
  • If you are a semifinalist in film or TV you are entered into a random drawing for $200 travel stipend to come to the Champion Lab or Ellen Sandler TV Lab.
  • You save money.  Pitches and Scenes are only $12.
  • Order Champion Development notes and you get a free copy of Killer Endings or T-Word Theme
      • Order at Champion site or email us at
  • Use the CD Notes or the Coverage category and you have time to resubmit a new draft.
  • Also, we are giving away 20 copies of Killer Endings to 20 random Craft & Career subscribers who are on our list or entered the contest by this deadline.

Remember, pitches are free-form.  And setups are optional with the scenes.

Since no one has entered a total of five scenes or pitches, I might offer a special where you can enter five scenes from the same script or five pitches for a discounted price.


Directly from Jim Mercurio:

My senior reader who is doing the development notes is ridiculously amazing.  She is a produced writer herself and does the intensive notes for this price only because I give her full-time reading work.   When I promote these notes, I literally take business away from myself, so believe me, it's an amazing deal.

Also, the movie I directed and the book on scene writing might take me away from teaching anything but the Champion Lab.  It's really an amazing class.  I put 150 hours into into near the end of the year.  I think it's value is second in the entire contest to the $10,000 Grand Prize.  Check out the testimonials.

If you are using our system to enter, remember, the email confirming  payment is proof that you are entered.  If you don't get that, most likely the script  uploaded. You can email us (replace the two x's when you click this link) with the title, categories extra services (coverage, notes, JPM consulting) and we will send an invoice that you can pay with PayPal or with a credit card.  If you try to enter before the deadline and there is a problem, just contact us and we will make sure your script is considered for that "deadline period" and price.


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