Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey Everyone,

People have been asking about announcement deadlines.  I don't want to over-promise and make 1000 entrants mad when we miss it.  I have been SWAMPED with the last month of my book deadline and working on the post-process for my feature.  And truth be told (those who know me will verify), scheduling and estimating time is not my forte.  My stepkids have invented a word called "jim-time" where you double any time estimate I make.  ;-)

The last few years, we finished earlier and rushed to get the Champion Lab in before the holidays and I think some people weren't able to attend, so here is a guess.  Some time in November -- I wanted to say 11-11-11 but I might be at AFM then -- we will announce quarterfinalists.  And then as quickly as possible, we will try to put out the top 20 feature and top 10 TV list so those writers can plan to attend the Champion Lab or Ellen's Class. I will try to have the classes near each other in case some want to attend both.  I think the time that works for me and Ellen and which won't be a rush for the winners is mid-January.

In the past we have had a dinner and sort of an informal party for the top writers where I announce the winners.  But I am a storyteller at heart, so if the tension begins to lag before the classes maybe I will improvise and announce the winners beforehand. 

I have a lot of cool new things to tell you all about that will impact you and that involve past winners, my new DVD set as well as some of my friends from the old school Creative Screenwriting days and several amazing screenwriting teachers.

In touch soon.

Jim Mercurio

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about our screenplays! Thanks for putting on this contest.