Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A mass announcement will be going out in a few hours, but here is the list of ALL OF THE WINNERS from the 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition.

Here is a list of all of the prizes.

Grand Prize
Broken Sinclair by Elizabeth Ashby

Second Place
Dust Devil by Mark Bankins

Third Place
Love the Hive by Derek Cavens

Low Budget Award
Cargo by Samuel Bartlett

Archer (Soft Target) by Gregory Boytos  

Breaking Bad (Kingpin) by Stephanie Stanley  

Friends Academy by Jessie Weinberg  


Betrayal Consultants by Daisy Ho

Warrior Soul by Jim Kenney

All the Wrong Places (poetry scene) by Sean Connolly


Miss Old Freshman by Ashley Ann Spears

Heaven-Sent by John Leary & Alison McMahan
No Cigs in Space by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Yellow Trees by Aimee Condayan


Classroom Things by Mike Goforth

Riding Goode by Kimberly Coleman

The Butterfly's Rude Awakening by David Paster

Champion Lab Dates!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Champion Winners will be Announced on Monday, June 4th

I will update this post as we get closer.

Will hopefully have final dates for Champion Lab by then.

Top 30 TV and Feature Writes will receive a month's subscription to TVtracker/Flixtracker from Variety ($150 value).  Semifinalists in the other categories will receive a $50 credit toward classes, DVD set or Champion Retreat.

Will be sending out an email to all semifinalists within a day or two with some additional information.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Whew, this was hard.  So many great little gems.  All of the scene writers get a cool little prize package and are semifinalists. There are technically only four semifinalists in the pitch category but I wanted to honor a top ten list because there were so many captivating stories here.  I will see what I can do to find something to offer all ten before I narrow it down to the four winners.

I am aiming to pick all the winners by the end of the month but give me a day or two of leeway.  I will post an update here, on our Facebook page and in the Email that goes out this week announcing these results.

Thanks again to all who entered and congratulations to those who advanced.  I am honored to have been able to immerse myself in your work.  I will send you some offers that might make it pretty easy to come out to the Champion Lab.  


Chasing Losses by Graham Calvert
Heaven-Sent by John Leary & Alison McMahan
King of Kings by Nellie Meyers
Miss Old Freshman by Ashley Spears
No Cigs in Space by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Payback's a Bitch by Deprise Brescia
Seeing Red by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Special Needs by Geoff Inverarity
The Bounty by Vishaal Desai
Yellow Trees by Aimee Condayan


All the Wrong Places (poetry scene) by Sean Connolly
Bad Pistachio by Daisy Ho
Betrayal Consultants by Daisy Ho
Bump Off by Nellie Myers
Revolution by Derek Coleman and Kimberly Coleman
Sister Secrets by Alison McMahan
Taking Up Serpents by Cash Anthony
The Café Society by Millar Prescott
The Free and the Brave by Ed Rathje
Warrior Soul by Jim Kenney

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Semifinalists for 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition

Here are the top 20 Features in the 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition.  I decided to add one extra to the semifinalist lists for TV and Shorts.  Will send out announcement or newsletter by Tuesday night at latest.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  There were so many great scripts.  It was difficult to narrow this list down.

Pitches and Scene semifinalists will be listed by the end of the week.  Winners of the contest will be announced before the end of the month.  More details soon.

Congrats to the top 20 Feature Writers!

3D at the Palace by Robert Kent Wilson II
Anatomy of a Town by Patricia Fox
Appearances by Frederic Richter
Bleeding Kansas by C.J. Morris
Broken Sinclair by Elizabeth Ashby
Cargo by Samuel Bartlett
Department of Lost Souls by Ryan Blackwell
Dust Devil by Mark Bankins
Fin Chaser by Maria Cozzi
First Under Heaven by Ellwyn Kauffman
Girl On Main by Christine Hinz
Haber by Daniel Ragussis
Hellfighters by Will Burgess
Love the Hive by Derek Cavens
Seven Thousand Islands by Gary White
Spike Driver Blues by T. Steed
The Breaker by Josh Lovison
The North Puddle by Rick Fonté and Don Zolidis
The Outliers by Linda Haltmaier
Totem - A Zombie Story by Sean Escalante

Congratulations to the top 11 TV writers.  All of you will be invited to Ellen's class in Los Angeles.

TV – Pilots
Friends Academy by Jessica Weinberg
Full Tilt Boogie by Amber Crawford-Idell
Happy Pines by Aaron Rollins
Holbrook by Justin Paquette
Rest in Peace by Jill Weinberger

TV – Spec Comedy
Archer - Soft Target by Gregory Boytos
Modern Family - Friendly Fire by Charity Paniamogan
Parks and Recreation - Drag Queen Bingo by Carlos Cisco

TV – Spec Drama
Body of Proof - Heaven Help Us by Katie Hennicke
Breaking Bad - Kingpin by Stephanie Stanley
Fringe - Its Bark by Noah Edelson


A Fine Day for It by Deborah  Grimes
A Life Relented by Michael Miceli
Autumn Leaves by Millar Prescott
Classroom Things by Mike Goforth
It's Tea Time by Sandra Gabrych
Mean Creek (3-page version) by Dan Goforth
No Way Home by Joseph Mancini
Riding Goode by Kimberly Coleman
Situation 5 by Curtis Melroe
The Butterfly's Rude Awakening by David Paster
Ye Old Recruiting Station by Daniel Chomistek

Jim Mercurio

Monday, January 23, 2012

Champion Schedule Updates

 Friday Night, Feb 3 

Am still plowing through scripts.  I am hoping to be done Monday or Tuesday.

I will make up for the delays. We will let top 12 into Ellen's class and I will give away a few extra seats into the Champion Lab.

In trying to synch schedules, I discovered that we may have to push Champion Lab back for a few months. This actually means we can announce winners sooner. I will give the feature top 20 a few options like maybe wait for the Lab, get the DVD set for free or get a $300 credit toward services or one of the ten-day retreats.  No one has to worry about rushing to the lab.

A newsletter with a video blog and top 20 features will go out next week.  



I have to read about 50 more quarterfinalists.  Best case scenario would be that I am done in a week.  I am going to make February 2 the drop-dead deadline. I will either make it or drop dead.  ;-)
I will make sure that writers have three weeks' notice for the Champion Lab.  Estimate for CL dates: 2/25ish.
Until February 5, entrants will be able to sign up for the remaining seats for a STEEP discount.  I will post details after I announce the lab dates or top 20 features.
During or after the Champion Lab, we will begin to distribute the $20,000 in non-cash goodies to the winners and (some) semifinalists.  For example, here is the list of prizes a top 20 feature writer wins.
  • A seat in the Champion Screenwriting Lab     
  • 10 pitches from VirtualPitchFest.com 
  • A year-long membership to itsonthegrid.com
  • Proofreading sample and Logline/Query help from Reader Ready
  • Two career coaching sessions with Rhona Berens, Ph.D.
  • One logline listing in an issue of InkTip Magazine
  • Script and/or synopsis to be read by several production Companies

February or March - We will do the scene class and begin coaching for the Pitch winner.  Some scene entrants will also get an offer to have their scene(s) and/or their rewrites used in a book, eBook or DVD.