Monday, January 23, 2012

Champion Schedule Updates

 Friday Night, Feb 3 

Am still plowing through scripts.  I am hoping to be done Monday or Tuesday.

I will make up for the delays. We will let top 12 into Ellen's class and I will give away a few extra seats into the Champion Lab.

In trying to synch schedules, I discovered that we may have to push Champion Lab back for a few months. This actually means we can announce winners sooner. I will give the feature top 20 a few options like maybe wait for the Lab, get the DVD set for free or get a $300 credit toward services or one of the ten-day retreats.  No one has to worry about rushing to the lab.

A newsletter with a video blog and top 20 features will go out next week.  



I have to read about 50 more quarterfinalists.  Best case scenario would be that I am done in a week.  I am going to make February 2 the drop-dead deadline. I will either make it or drop dead.  ;-)
I will make sure that writers have three weeks' notice for the Champion Lab.  Estimate for CL dates: 2/25ish.
Until February 5, entrants will be able to sign up for the remaining seats for a STEEP discount.  I will post details after I announce the lab dates or top 20 features.
During or after the Champion Lab, we will begin to distribute the $20,000 in non-cash goodies to the winners and (some) semifinalists.  For example, here is the list of prizes a top 20 feature writer wins.
  • A seat in the Champion Screenwriting Lab     
  • 10 pitches from 
  • A year-long membership to
  • Proofreading sample and Logline/Query help from Reader Ready
  • Two career coaching sessions with Rhona Berens, Ph.D.
  • One logline listing in an issue of InkTip Magazine
  • Script and/or synopsis to be read by several production Companies

February or March - We will do the scene class and begin coaching for the Pitch winner.  Some scene entrants will also get an offer to have their scene(s) and/or their rewrites used in a book, eBook or DVD.