Sunday, February 12, 2012

Semifinalists for 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition

Here are the top 20 Features in the 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition.  I decided to add one extra to the semifinalist lists for TV and Shorts.  Will send out announcement or newsletter by Tuesday night at latest.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  There were so many great scripts.  It was difficult to narrow this list down.

Pitches and Scene semifinalists will be listed by the end of the week.  Winners of the contest will be announced before the end of the month.  More details soon.

Congrats to the top 20 Feature Writers!

3D at the Palace by Robert Kent Wilson II
Anatomy of a Town by Patricia Fox
Appearances by Frederic Richter
Bleeding Kansas by C.J. Morris
Broken Sinclair by Elizabeth Ashby
Cargo by Samuel Bartlett
Department of Lost Souls by Ryan Blackwell
Dust Devil by Mark Bankins
Fin Chaser by Maria Cozzi
First Under Heaven by Ellwyn Kauffman
Girl On Main by Christine Hinz
Haber by Daniel Ragussis
Hellfighters by Will Burgess
Love the Hive by Derek Cavens
Seven Thousand Islands by Gary White
Spike Driver Blues by T. Steed
The Breaker by Josh Lovison
The North Puddle by Rick Fonté and Don Zolidis
The Outliers by Linda Haltmaier
Totem - A Zombie Story by Sean Escalante

Congratulations to the top 11 TV writers.  All of you will be invited to Ellen's class in Los Angeles.

TV – Pilots
Friends Academy by Jessica Weinberg
Full Tilt Boogie by Amber Crawford-Idell
Happy Pines by Aaron Rollins
Holbrook by Justin Paquette
Rest in Peace by Jill Weinberger

TV – Spec Comedy
Archer - Soft Target by Gregory Boytos
Modern Family - Friendly Fire by Charity Paniamogan
Parks and Recreation - Drag Queen Bingo by Carlos Cisco

TV – Spec Drama
Body of Proof - Heaven Help Us by Katie Hennicke
Breaking Bad - Kingpin by Stephanie Stanley
Fringe - Its Bark by Noah Edelson


A Fine Day for It by Deborah  Grimes
A Life Relented by Michael Miceli
Autumn Leaves by Millar Prescott
Classroom Things by Mike Goforth
It's Tea Time by Sandra Gabrych
Mean Creek (3-page version) by Dan Goforth
No Way Home by Joseph Mancini
Riding Goode by Kimberly Coleman
Situation 5 by Curtis Melroe
The Butterfly's Rude Awakening by David Paster
Ye Old Recruiting Station by Daniel Chomistek

Jim Mercurio


  1. Hey Jim, Thanks for all your hard work on the contest--I'm sure you chose carefully and well. However, you did promise that you would send twelve TV writers to Ellen Sandler's class, and I am sure I speak for my fellow quarter finalists when I tell you how much I was hoping to be there. Whomever that lucky person is that is number twelve, will be extremely grateful that you kept your word to make up for the missed deadlines. All the best, Karen

  2. Good Call. I will add 2-3 more seats for the last few names cut from the list.


    1. Thanks, Jim. We all know how hard you work to provide opportunities for writers. We'll all stick with you for sticking to your word.

    2. Sorry to prod, but...before your list gets lost in the shuffle, and since the hard work of reviewing everyone's material is already done...could we learn whose butts will be in those last 2-3 seats?

      Thanks, Jim!

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  4. Jim,

    I was just wondering if there was a date set for the Ellen Sandler class. I'm so excited about it and so pleased & flattered to have made the cut, and I'm working on some future travel plans and don't want to inadvertently schedule opposite it.

    Thanks so much!

    Jill Weinberger